Training & Skills

traingMian Enterprises O.E.P is committed to work closely with Technical and Vocational Training Institutes and Skill Development Centers to provide extremely skill full and talented man power to our esteemed clients. Mian Enterprises O.E.P believes in the process of learning and skill development, as learning is a continuous process. There is room for those driven by the zeal to outshine their peers and most importantly, themselves.

Some of the activities that make Training & Development a continuous process:

Conduct Skill Development and Training Programs with the collaboration of Govt and Private Institutions

Continuous skill up-gradation on new emerging technologies

Behavioral Training Programs offered to enhance personal and professional effectiveness of our clients.

Customer orientation

Team work


Customer orientation

Self development

Skills Development We all are living and working in the age of technology, where knowledge and skills are the basics of any successful profession and the process of learning and seeking knowledge and enhancing your skills never ends. Staying well-informed with the latest technologies and education themes in various sectors and constant training and improvements are pivotal to being successful in today’s business environment. In today‚Äôs work situation, training and corporate development professionals are required to fuel the growth in knowledge and the talent pool within the organization.

Mian Enterprises O.E.P provides skills development and training and development programs to the chosen candidates to meet the requirements of our clients. Education and training are two vitally important issues, representing the means to nurture tomorrow’s talent and promote ever higher standards, at personal as well as organizational levels. They are acting as a solution provider for all these requirements. The focus on educational and career achievement is fueling a strong demand for good quality candidates, having the aptitude, skill and diligence to serve this industry.