Slection Process

selec-procesAfter we get the power of attorney and demand letter from the employer, we register ourselves as authorized agents on behalf of the employer in Pakistan and we officially get permission for selection of required personnel. For all such foreign demand for manpower as per government of Pakistan regulations, it is a must to get registered with the protectorate permission no selection and recruitment is legal.

Moreover, the workers needed by our agency are spread all over Pakistan and also are Pakistanis, working in the foreign countries. It is advertising media we utilize to attract workers of the required standards. We also have highly paid personal contacts and our own placements to maintain a comprehensive candidature of manpower.


By advertising in the news media and from labour which we maintain in our office, we call the most appropriate candidates for the preliminary interview and choose good/deserving candidates, for second phase i.e. practical tests.


After the applicants have passed through our interview board of highly qualified and experienced staff, they are put through the phase of extensive practical test at technical Institutes with whom we have got regular arrangement and pay them certain fee. In the final selection we select only those personnel who have qualified all the tests and are most suitable and appropriate to the requirements of the employer.


We have leading Doctors registered with us. All personnel who have qualified in the required professions tests are thoroughly medically checked. These check-ups include:
1.Urine test
2.Blood test for V.D. Etc:
3.Chest X-ray
4.All other vaccination etc is done as per international rules for Emigrants.


This is the agreement of service between employer and employee which we (as authorized agent of employer) sign on behalf of the employer with the employee