Recruitments Process

Recruitment in Pakistan must be carried out through a firm, holding valid OEP License. Our License No. Ops & MPD 2215/MLK, Mian Enterprises required following documents for recruitment of manpower to process the cases. The procedure of recruitment is simple and starts with preparation of Recruitment documents in our favor as follows:

Employer Responsibilities:

  • Visa Slip (Original or Photo Copy)
  • Copy of Power of Attorney or Wekala by Employer to Local Recruiting Agency.
  • Demand Letter by Local Recruiting Agency.
  • Letter to the Embassy/Consulate by Local Recruiting Agency.
  • Copy of C.R & Identity Card of employer.
  • Copy of C.R & Identity Card of Local Recruiting Agency.

Note: Number B, C, D should be attested by the Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy in Employers Country.

  1. We (Mian Enterprises) must hold an appropriate Power of Attorney OR Wekala from the Employers. It is therefore advisable that employers in Saudi Arabia should send a fresh Power of Attorney with each demand.
  2. A Letter of Demand addressed to Mian Enterprises containing Number of Vacancies, Types of Trade, Pay & Allowances, Accommodation, Food, Medical facilities, Leave, Overtime scales and any other relevant terms of services to be included in the contract.
  3. A Letter addresses by the employers to the Embassy/Consulate of the country for which visas are sanctioned authorizing Mian Enterprises to get these visas endorsed. Such a letter, along with the photocopy of visa cable or acknowledgement slip issued by the Ministry should be sent to us in original. (Only for Saudi Arabia)
  4. The documents as per 1 & 2 above are required to be attested as under:

  • By the Foreign Ministry of the country of employment and the Embassy of Pakistan in the country of employment or, By the Embassy of that country in Pakistan.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country may only attest the documents as per paragraph 3.

PERMISSION FROM THE PROTECTOR: On receipt of Power of Attorney OR Wekala and Letter of Demand, we seek permission from Protector of Emigrants; we have to obtain a written sanction from the Protector of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan for recruitment of each as demanded by our principals.

ADVERTISING – After Confirmation of this sanction, Job facilities are advertised in widely circulated daily newspapers, without these sanction vacancies cannot even be Advertised.

INITIAL SCREENING – Initial Screening is done by agency

Selection – Being done as per instruction by our valuable clients, there are six types of interview and selection tools available with Mian Enterprises.

  • Face to Face interviews
  • Group interview are carried out to shortlist candidates.
  • Individual interviews in this style of interviews the delegates meet the pre-screened candidates on a one to one basis.
  • Trade test candidate’s skills are tested practically to evaluate the workmanship and its conformity to international standards.
  • Final interview Depending on the requirement of the client, the Final Interviews can be conducted either by Neway officials or the client’s delegate.
  • Telephone interview


  • Permission obtaining from Protector of Emigrants Government of Pakistan. 1 to 2 days
  • Advertisement and Provisionally Selection. 4 to 10 days
  • Visa Endorsement by Embassy / Consulate 4 to 12 days
  • Personnel Insurance 1 to 2 days
  • Signing and Approval of F.S.A’s by (Emigration Office) 1 to 2 days
  • Ticketing 1 to 2 days

These are the minimum terms and conditions set by the Government of Pakistan.

  1. Period of Contract Minimum one year.
  2. Probation Period 90 days or as per the labor laws of the country.
  3. Daily Working Hours 8 hours per day, maximum 12 hours per day with additional 4 hours paid as overtime.
  4. Weekly working Days 6 days per week, paid holiday.
  5. Weekly Rest Day At least 01 day per week.
  6. Rate of Overtime As per labor laws of host country or minimum 1.50 times of basic salary per hour.
  7. Accommodation Free of cost bachelor accommodation (not tents) must be provided by employer with electricity, water, gas and bedding.
  8. Messing Facilities Free food or 25% of basic pay to be paid in lieu of free food for unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers. This provision of free food is not applicable to U.A.E and Bahrain.
  9. Medical Facilities Free, to be provided by the employer.
  10. Transportation Free transport is to be provided by the employer from residence to work place.
  11. Passage Economy class by air from place of hire to place of employment and back on expiry of contract. It is to be provided by the employer, if not included in the salary, which should be in addition to the minimum wages laid down.
  12. Vacation leave per year as per labor laws of the host country.
  13. Illness leave per year as per labor laws of the host country.
  14. Social Security/Insurance Employment to be covered at the cost of the employer according to the labor laws.


We have the most Comprehensive Education System to train the workforce covering the different trades. This is the unique system and uncommon to other local manpower placement companies.

From the moment semi skilled and OR skilled worker are finally selected for overseas principals and the processing of their visas we take into our hand, we call them into our camp and organize for them by our professionals; lectures, group discussions, practical demonstrations of the uses of trade tools. This helps to remove the minor deficiencies, if there by any, which a tradesmen might have headline orientation & Dispatch of the workers.

Prior to dispatch of any worker whether janitorial or tradesmen everybody is to attend the Orientation Curse. The very purpose of this course is to explain the worker his job specification, job responsibilities, job duties working hours, pay, overtime, leave accommodation, food provision, other contractual obligation and what he should do and what not during the period of his employment with the employer.

We are capable of organizing a dispatch of about 400 workers in 4 we ask consisting of 40/50 tradesmen and the remaining in the unskilled group. Even three years back, we could mobilize workers in 45 days time from the date of receipt of documents in our hand, Now-a-days, at the insistence of some of the overseas Governments, our Government is pursuing a very comprehensive check system regarding the workers. This entails a time outlay of about 15 – 20 days extra compared to the past. As such, now-a-days, we can mobilize workers up to 400 a week within 30 – 35 days from the date we commence our job.


We never consider our business and ultimate relationship with our principal on a single deal basis. Our objective is to have a sustained growth record. And with this end in view, post deployment follow-ups are always made as a part of our continuing commitment of services to our clients. We assure you, our search for excellence will never die.


Our Representative will visit job sites and the offices of the employer to assist them on various personnel related affairs. If required special visit is also possible. Such a visit boosts up the morale of the workers.


As a part of our continuing commitment of services to our clients, we provide a number of services to the employer and the concerned employees to have a sustained relationship and also to make the job of the employer easy and realistic.

At Mian Enterprises, We make things happen. We would never consider “SUCCESS” as our ultimate goal, which on the contrary, is regarded as a byproduct. We attach priorities to the relative parameters COST, QUALITY, TIME, OPTIMAL QUANTITY, RELIABILITY AND SERVICE and build them strong enough in order to make something happen.

We have a belief that no task is bigger than the WILL FORCE OF Mian Enterprises manpower, No task is small for them and no deadline is impossible to accomplish.


We stand guarantee for all persons selected by us. Anybody unfit be referred to us (during 90 days) after mutual decision, we will repatriate him to his country at our expense. We can give all sorts of guarantee according to the rules, regulations and labor laws.

We assure our best attention and services at all time and looking towards for an early personal appointment to discuss the procurement possibilities for your current and future placement Requirements.

Kindly contract us if you need more clarifications or information regarding our service and procedures. Looking towards for an opportunity to meet you in person and discuss further.